Things to do on a Road Trip South with your Dog

The Things to Do with your Dog poetry series continues with this new offering … This poetry book was written on the way to Florida for Spring break. We went to a place we’d been before – an island near Yulee, Florida. We drove through South Carolina and Georgia to get there. The weather was great – we spent a good deal of time by the pool, my favorite place to be! Sitting on the beach, I enjoyed watching all the planes fly over and I also liked getting up to see the sunrise – it was spectacular. Our dog is a good travel buddy. He loves running on the beach, watching the waves, and visiting the very dog friendly, The Fountain of Youth. He takes it all in stride. For the first time, we tried fishing on the Fishing Bridge and also mini golf with an odd assortment of interesting hole plays. The south offers many opportunities for interesting travel adventures. Thanks for coming along with us for the ride!

Things to do on a Road Trip South with your Dog