It’s a New Year aka Welcome to 2022!

It’s a New Year aka Welcome to 2022!
Happy New Year!
Welcome to 2022!

The start of a new year is a time to reflect and to maybe make changes in your writing, how you write, what you write, etc.  I’ve been looking at Art all the way around and how it can influence or contribute to what I want to write.
For me, I really like to go see new places.  I also enjoy taking pictures – and sometimes in a different angle or way.  I especially enjoy reflections for photos.  I’ve liked those type of pictures since I took Photography in College.  
I believe if you enjoy the Arts that each part of it can help you better the one you choose to spend the most time on.  A friend of mine took me to a painting class for my birthday and for Christmas, and it was so much fun.  I didn’t quite follow the rules and did my own thing and even had my painting compared to one of my favorite painters.  His work probably did seep into mine.  
I don’t know if I’ll take up painting anytime soon as I’ve always been a painter of words.  But I do like allowing myself to experience art in a different way, whether I write about it or not.
Here are some pictures I took this week.  They really make me think about things in new ways.
What’s going to be your new plan for your writing for 2022?