The Architect of French Fries

The Architect of French Fries


architectoffrenchfries“I have been a fan of LB Sedlacek’s work since I discovered her through Poetry Superhighway several years ago, and The Architect of French Fries may be her best work yet. Lean and by turns warm, salty and with a perfect sprinkling of crispy humor, her poems never fail to satisfy and keep you coming back for more.”        – John Burroughs

“L.B. Sedlacek writes with a keen eye, catching the slight details of daily life and depicting them with the power of classic odes and elegies.  Her poems skip and dance, meditate and sing.  They also feast.  Food centers this collection, tying it together in a tasty stew.  In one of my favorites, “Cotton Candy Headline” poor children go to a ballgame and plead for concessions.  Other poems view life through the lenses of moon pies, dry cereal and coconut husks.  All of these captivate and force the reader to take a closer look at the world.” -Ace Boggess

“The Architect of French Fries” – Presa Press