New psychological thriller: “Intent” now available

The story of “Intent”:  Vinton Ferguson pulls into the Richmond, Virginia area rest stop in his faithful royal blue Ford pickup truck. He hadn’t been late to work in over 40 years. He finds an abandoned car in the parking lot only to be shocked at what he finds inside. Julia Wells and her sidekick assistant Roger gets the case of the accused, Meghan Wright.

Two sisters, Anna and Meghan, were on their way with their parents to the former Heritage USA, but they never make it. Somewhere in Virginia, they pulled off the side of the road after a lengthy argument. Meghan gets out of the car and the Wright’s drive off leaving her there on the highway. When they finally turn around to go back for her, she is gone. The next day the Wright’s are found much like what Vinton found in the station wagon at the rest stop where he works.
Lawyer against Lawyer, a faithful employee, two sisters, a pastor and his wife, a troubled marriage, and a deep religious faith … or not. Is Meghan guilty? Did she have intent?

Find out in the psychological thriller set in Richmond, VA and Morganton, NC from award winning poet and author, LB Sedlacek.