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Just published by Alien Buddha Press, my poetry book all about swimming and being a lifeguard is now available.

To go along with my blog of the same name, I have a new poetry book entitled “Trust Me, It’ll Be Fun” (West Virginia poems, Book 2) now available.  Here’s a description of the book:  West Virginia is a beautiful place. Go back to wild and wonderful West Virginia in these new poems from award winning poet, LB Sedlacek. Visit the radio telescopes, the Greenbrier River, Hillsboro WV, Beartown, Marlinton WV, and take the old logging train up to Whittaker Station, and more in these place poems. Plus take a detour to nearby Washington, DC on another poetical journey with the author.

You can order your copy here (E-book or Paperback):  Ebook or Paperback

Review of “This Space Available”:

“Star Maps” – published by Lucidity Poetry Journal. Poems are about maps, luncheons, dogs, the holidays, basketball and purses and more! It’s only $2! (If you live in the US, I will mail it to you for free. You can email me for an email invoice or you can snail mail me $2) Contact me at if you’d like a copy! (I’ll even sign it for you!)

Star Maps – Lucidity Poetry Journal

Happy Little Clouds – Guerrilla Genesis Press

A Train Tale and Other Poems


“It turns out LB Sedlacek is one of the most prolific writers of our time. I hardly had time to finish breakfast before two more poetry collections slipped into my omelet. In her latest, The Adventures of Stick People on Cars, you’ll be surprised how much flesh a stick figure can have. These poems, physically thin on the page, are wide with sentiment and even experiment. Take the marriage of what could be separate poems in the blended lines of “Magnificent Bully” as two seemingly separate stories collide together in an almost ekphrastic euphoria. In The adventures of Stick people…, you’ll miss LB’s dad right along with her. You’ll turn every page before your first cup of coffee becomes nostalgia. Watch out for bears.”

~Rick Lupert, author of Hunka Hunka Howdee! and God Wrestler: A Poem for Every Torah Portion

“I have been a fan of LB Sedlacek’s work since I discovered her through Poetry Superhighway several years ago, and The Architect of French Fries may be her best work yet. Lean and by turns warm, salty and with a perfect sprinkling of crispy humor, her poems never fail to satisfy and keep you coming back for more.”        ~John Burroughs

~Email to get your copy for $8 (US) plus S&H

“The Architect of French Fries” – Presa Press

More Poetry:


The Glass River – nominated for the 2018 Thomas Wolfe Memorial Prize

The Mailbox of the Kindred Spirit – AUDIOBOOK



Life after Wreck
  • Life after Wreck
  • Review of “Life after Wreck”: “I think anyone who has been through a traumatic situation can benefit from this book. You realize that your thoughts are normal… well, at least common. This memoir can help you realize that there really is life after the pain, the grayness. Very well written by an extremely talented lady who “grabs me” with everyone of her publications!”


More Non-Fiction: