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Latest News on publications and Interviews:

  • Short story published in “Conceit Magazine” Volume 16, Number 191, February 2023.  The story is called “Reset Button.”
  • New poem published on “Baseball Bard” – it’s called “Home Team” – Jan 2023
  • “Night Swim” – new poetry book published by Alien Buddha Press, January 2023
  • My short story, “The Butterfly Kick” is in the January 2023 issue of “The Kleksograph.”
  • “Study of Chaos” poem published in issue #44 of “Alien Buddha Zine” – December 2022
  • New poem “Armor” published December 2022

  • First Prize awarded for Prose for my short story “Sight Unseen” by Branches Literary magazine, #25, October 2022
  • Poem “water infused” published in the 30th anniversary issue of “Iconoclast.”  Issue No. 124.  ~2022
  • October 2022:  2 short stories, “Emergency Action Plan” and “Lollipop Thunder” published in issue #25 of “Branches Literary Magazine.”
  • August 2022 – The special fundraising book from Impspired Publications, “Love, Loss and Cardiac Issues” is now available. My short story, “A More Accurate Description of Paint”, is included in it. The profits from this book will go to heart charities. Impspired’s publisher is Steve Cawte. You can check it out and order your copy here:
  • July 2022 – New poem up in the new Family issue of “The Poet Magazine.” The poem is “Unsung Heroes.” It appears in Vol. 1 of the Family issue. You can learn about it here: THE POET – FAMILY (
  • Two new poems, “Chasing the Dollar” and “The Potted Plants,” are in the June 2022 issue of “Literature Today Journal.”
  • Five poems are in the new anthology issue “Midsummer Madness” of “Bindweed Magazine.”  The poems are “Studying Darkness,” “Bungee Jumping to the Moon,” “Changing Tunes,” “Dialect,” and “Across the Line.” – June 2022
  • NEW Short Stories Book “The Jackalope Committee and Other Tales” out now from Alien Buddha Press – June 9, 2022
  • New poems published in “Al-Khemia Poetica.”  The poems are “Harvest” and “Illumination.”  – May 2022
  • New poems “Drummer’s Rhapsody” and “Doorbells” in the “Psalms of the Alien Buddha, Part 2” issue from “Alien Buddha Zine” – May 2022
  • New poem “Black Truck, Stopped” published by “As It Ought To Be Magazine” – May 2022
  • April 2022 – Three new poems in “Setu” magazine, Western Voices:  The poems are “Universal,” “Alternate Species,” and “In Balance.” You can read them here:
  • “51 Spoons in Kansas” and “8 Digit No.” published in “Unlikely Stories” You can read them here: “51 Spoons in Kansas” and “8 Digit No.” | Unlikely Stories Mark V
  • “Reset Button” – short story published by “Impspired” – April 2022
  • “Bold” – poem published by “The Big Window Review” – April 2022
  • “Strangely Alive” – poem published in the April 2022 issue of “Poesis” (Year 5, No. 18)
  • First Prize awarded for Prose for my short story “Backwards Wink” by Branches Literary magazine, #24, March 2022