Poetry in LA

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LB reads poems from both of her poetry books, “Poetry in LA” and “Poetry in LA: LA vs LA” on a cold spring day. LB reads from “Poetry in LA”

Vintage Sunsets like taking a cat nap all through the night or a little piece of Blue Ridge heaven for your heart. #lbsedlacekpoet #sunsets #blueridgemountains #onlyinlanc


Circle of LA by LB Sedlacek (from the Facebook page:  Poetry in LA)

Some see a Stargate while I see an open window some see a circle of dirt while I see open arms around downtown some see a circular saw where I see a past that opened the corridors of community we have today some see a hula hoop a circus trick a wheel ready to roll where I see an opening to … possibility. Copyright 2019 LB Sedlacek #poetsofinstagram #poetry #poets #thedirtcircle #thomassayre#acrossthegrain #downtownlenoir #onlyinlanc #poemsofinstagram#sculpturepoems #outdoorsculptures #sculptures #localart #localpoet#lbsedlacekpoet


Picture of “Across the Grain” sculpture taken by LB Sedlacek, May 2019

POEM FROM POETRY IN LA FB page:  @poetryinla

Published 12/10/18

Marvin’s One Stop
by LB Sedlacek 
(Inspired by Brenda S. In memory of Judy Miller one of my biggest supporters)

Marvin’s One Stop
is where you can
go back in time
8 Tracks and 45’s
when radio made stars
and vinyl really rocked
the pops and crackles
part of the sound
unlike clean digital downloads
album covers were portraits
liner notes were stories
you could imagine as
you played your records
or danced with friends
and even today if
you can’t find it
at Marvin’s then it
doesn’t need to be

Copyright LB Sedlacek 2018
#placepoems #onlyinlanc #downtownlenoirnc #musicpoems #musicstores#lbsedlacekpoet

(Photos by LB Sedlacek)

NEW:  “Poetry in LA 2:  LA vs LA” – book 2 of poems from the Facebook page @poetryinla

lavslaReturn to more poems about LA, Lenoir Area, in this second book featuring poetry from the Facebook page, @poetryinla. This time poems cover our local arts scene such as our murals and the famous Dirt Circle (“Across the Grain” sculpture by Thomas Sayre.) Poems go back in time to what our area was originally known as “Tuckers Barn” and to days of local raw honey and homemade molasses, the old Blue Bell plant and Lenoir High School. Current outdoor sculptures as well a local popular fresco get a nod in this second book, a sequel to “Poetry in LA – Only in LA (LA Poems)” published last year, 2017. There’s also a follow up to the poem “Hibriten Mountain” from the first book with the new poem “Mill Mountain to Hibriten Mountain.” If you enjoyed the first book “Only in LA,” you’ll want to read the follow up book with the new poems, too!

Poetry in LA 2: LA vs LA – Book or Ebook

Successfully funded on Kickstarter, Poetry in LA is now available as a book or e-book of poems compiled from the Facebook page, poetryinla – “Only in LA (LA Poems)”   Poetry about L.A. (east!).  Poems are about Hibriten Mountain, Wilson’s Creek, Gravity Games, the Sculpture Fest, downtown, the car shows and our way of life in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountain area that locals fondly call “LA.” for Lenoir Area.

“Only in LA (LA Poems)” Book

“Only in LA (LA Poems)” E-book