New Poems published

  • Two new poems, “Chasing the Dollar” and “The Potted Plants,” are in the June 2022 issue of “Literature Today Journal.”
  • Five poems are in the new anthology issue “Midsummer Madness” of “Bindweed Magazine.”  The poems are “Studying Darkness,” “Bungee Jumping to the Moon,” “Changing Tunes,” “Dialect,” and “Across the Line.” – June 2022

3 new poems in “Setu” Western Voices

I’m thrilled to have 3 of my poems published in the western voices issue of “Setu” magazine. The poems are “Universal,” “Alternate Species,” and “In Balance.” You can read them here:

Cows vs Aliens

I like to imagine what’s up above. I like to visit the radio telescopes in West Virginia. On the way to the GBT, Great Big Thing, or one of the largest telescopes around, there’s a cow pasture. The cows lie right down in front of it and don’t seem to concerned about finding any proof of signs of life in the universe. If we were visited by aliens, the cows probably wouldn’t care then, either. Somehow, I bet us humans would. Who would win? The cows or the aliens? These poems try to answer those questions and more! Keep your eyes and ears open and always but always stay alert!

Calabash, Cackalacka Book 2

Book 2 following the dystopian novel Cackalacka. Back at the beach in North Carolina, aka Cackalacka, Charleston and his pal look for a rocket to the moon to solve the mystery. Calabash – free Kindle preview

New Works Up

I have had a few new works, fiction and poetry, published lately. You can check them out below.

“Reset Button” – short story published by “Impspired”

“Bold” – poem published by “The Big Window Review”

“All Things Natural” – poem published by “Cajun Mutt Press”