There is a beach patrol at the place where we normally visit the beach. There are no lifeguards. The beach patrol consists of one guy riding an ATV up and down the beach. He only seems to be patrolling during the summer season which begins at Memorial Day and ends at Labor Day. The ATV is red. It leaves wide tracks in the sand. Beach Patrol by LB Sedlacek

Poems all about trains, Wild West outlaws, and snow, and other odd subjects.  Check it out here:  “A Train Tale and Other Poems”


Welcome to AshVegas (Asheville Poems)


Asheville, NC is a beautiful place. For those of you who have never seen pictures or have been there, it’s nestled in the mountains, and probably best known for that house that is America’s largest home. 

What else is there about Asheville, that creates such a draw? It usually enjoys all seasons, and is cool all year long with exceptions being winter and summer. It’s scenic. Is there anywhere in Asheville without a perfect view? It’s got a vibrant downtown and Arts scene. There are eateries galore with microbreweries and stores aplenty.

There’s outdoor sports, museums, art events, and historical spots you won’t want to miss. You can do something different every trip, find something for everyone in your family to do that they like, and enjoy great food and maybe find a souvenir or two!

Asheville aka AshVegas is a place you may want to visit again and again or never leave!

Welcome to AshVegas (Asheville Poems)

The Greatest Fish Story Never Told

A review from Amazon.comI was a little hesitant about reading this, as I am normally not big on poetry or fishing. But The Greatest Fish Story Never Told is a clever little chapbook of 40-ish poems that sucked me in from the fist one, “Gearing Up.” I found myself flying through this book, even with having to reread several of the poems to really get an understanding of where Sedlacek was coming from. She does a great job in incorporating humor, especially in poems like “Fish Don’t Buy Italian Ice.” Somehow this book really got me in a way that made me long for the days of casting the line. Maybe I’ll have to get out the old fishing pole and give it a try myself!”

Things to Do on Vacation in Washington DC during a Government Shutdown

govt shutdown

NEW – Now available:  new poems in the Things to Do with you Dog series – “Government Shutdown!”  This poetry book is a sequel of sorts to “Things to do on Vacation in Washington DC with your Dog.” We visited Washington, DC in early February right after a government shutdown had temporarily ended. It’s only been lifted for a few days. The shutdown went on for about a month, the longest in US history. Technically, the government wasn’t shutdown when we arrived, but because it was a weekend a lot of things were shutdown anyway. This is sort of an insider’s guide to what do in DC if you want to do something a little different or if you do indeed visit during a shutdown.  

Things to Do on Vacation during a Government Shutdown 

NEWFrom Alien Buddha Press “The Adventures of Stick People on Cars”


“It turns out LB Sedlacek is one of the most prolific writers of our time. I hardly had time to finish breakfast before two more poetry collections slipped into my omelet. In her latest, The Adventures of Stick People on Cars, you’ll be surprised how much flesh a stick figure can have. These poems, physically thin on the page, are wide with sentiment and even experiment. Take the marriage of what could be separate poems in the blended lines of “Magnificent Bully” as two seemingly separate stories collide together in an almost ekphrastic euphoria. In The adventures of Stick people…, you’ll miss LB’s dad right along with her. You’ll turn every page before your first cup of coffee becomes nostalgia. Watch out for bears.” Rick Lupert, author of Hunka Hunka Howdee! and God Wrestler: A Poem for Every Torah Portion  

New poetry book – “I am happy to announce this morning that “The Adventures of Stick People on Cars” a poetry chapbook from LB Sedlacek is now available. 85 highly amusing pages of poetry. Cover art from Red Focks”

Review of “The Adventures of Stick People on Cars”:  from Wayne F. Burke –

“I thoroughly enjoyed this collection by LB Sedlacek, a poetess both playful and inventive in her usage of language, as well as an experimenter in form. In beguiling and, no doubt, hard-earned, conversational style, she makes stringing lines of poetry seem an easy task. Listen to a few lines of “Room Copy”:

“…I never

sleep well when

you’re not

home you say

and when

I travel I

don’t sleep

well either no

matter how

many pillows I

use all

of them from

both beds

count them 8


What is excluded is easily understood in use of lineation that cuts the chase:

“…soccer mom

is on the highway

driving alone with no

did she get the

car elsewhere is it

even hers…(“Stick People On Cars in Virginia”).

Experiments include two poems each containing another poem within (“The Magniloquent Bully” and “A Chance of Thunderstorm” wherein the 2nd, “hidden” poem, contained in parentheses), and use of white space in later poems of the collection to allow for pause, contemplation even; for breath in the on-rush of emotionally-charged language…

This poetess knows her craft. Her stick people live through a voice sure and succinct.

NEW!  From Presa Press – The Architect of French Fries   architectoffrenchfries

“L.B. Sedlacek writes with a keen eye, catching the slightest details of daily life and depicting them with the power of classic odes and elegies. Her poems skip and dance, meditate and sing. They also feast. Food centers this collection, tying it together in a tasty stew. In one of my favorites, “Cotton Candy Headline” poor children go to a ballgame and plead for concessions. Other poems view life through the lenses of moon pies, dry cereal, and coconut husks. All of these captivate and force the reader to take a closer look at the world.”              —Ace Boggess

“The Architect of French Fries” – Presa Press

Pocahontas Doesn’t Live in Pocahontas County: West Virginia Poems


Pocahontas County, West Virginia is the subject of the poems in this book. The book is divided into Winter and Summer with poems about how different this scenic spot is up in the wilds and mountains of West Virginia. Poems visit Slatyfork, the Radio Astronomy Center, winter sports, and more. This is your outdoor guide to poetry (with a little bit of indoors thrown in too) to life in this part of West Virginia!


la vs la

Return to more poems about LA, Lenoir Area, in this second book featuring poetry from the Facebook page, @poetryinla. This time poems cover our local arts scene such as our murals and the famous Dirt Circle (“Across the Grain” sculpture by Thomas Sayre.) Poems go back in time to what our area was originally known as “Tuckers Barn” and to days of local raw honey and homemade molasses, the old Blue Bell plant and Lenoir High School. Current outdoor sculptures as well a local popular fresco get a nod in this second book, a sequel to “Poetry in LA – Only in LA (LA Poems)” published last year, 2017. There’s also a follow up to the poem “Hibriten Mountain” from the first book with the new poem “Mill Mountain to Hibriten Mountain.” If you enjoyed the first book “Only in LA,” you’ll want to read the follow up book with the new poems, too!


It’s not easy to become a Lifeguard (or for me becoming one again.)  Here’s my poetical trip into the world of Lifeguard school.




“Words and Bones” from Finishing Line Press. “You’d never think a skeleton is a complete person. I would have said the same thing about a poem until LB Sedlacek‘s “Words and Bones” came along. It’s a work which truly strips its poems down to their bare bones with all the un-necessary words nowhere to be found, leaving a manuscript of complete and wonderfully brief pieces…”  ~Rick Lupert, author of “God Wrestler”  

The book is $13.99. Include $2.99 per copy for shipping and handling. Please mail all orders with a check payable to Finishing Line Press at PO Box 1626 Georgetown KY 40324 or order online:  Order “Words and Bones” by LB Sedlacek

out to lunch


More poems about adventures in Washington, DC at Eastern Market, a Nationals baseball game, Pete’s Diner, traveling to and fro by train, the Shakespeare Library, the Library of Congress, Union Station and more!



This is a chapbook with travel poems from a recent trip to the North Carolina coast, Ocean Isle, Sunset Beach, Bald Head Island, and to the popular South Carolina beaches, Myrtle, North Myrtle, Cherry Grove. It’s adventure I seek whenever I take a trip. Some of the adventures are mainstream and well some are not! The best part of planning is not to make a plan! That’s how you have the best adventures! It’s great for me to just be by or near the ocean, the water and the sounds of the waves are so soothing. Please join in this new poetical ocean adventure with me!  Reading from “Constellate” on Sunset Beach



“Infra Dig” is my very first all electronic chapbook about pools, chemicals, the Inauguration, Art, moving, pets, birds, you name it, it’s probably in this chapbook. What I mean by it being all electronic – for me – is that I composed it originally on a tablet without ever using paper! The neat thing about poetry is that it can take many forms and it can be composed almost anywhere. It’s an adaptable art! From “Fried Pickles and Fries” – “My friends know I’m a / vegetarian / there say it out loud / and elongate the syllables / vegetarian / they don’t mind / I get quizzed all / the time on when I / became a / say it even slower now / vegetarian / when I didn’t eat vegetables / when I was a child / except / black eyed peas, corn / lima beans / and pickles / (vegetarian)…” From “Moving Trucks and Champagne” – “There’s a van, a truck, an SUV and a moving truck with stuff lots of stuff / you’d expect to find couches, chairs, boxed up food, blankets, pillows, / sheets, toilet paper, pans, pots, jackets, sheets, wall sized paintings, / sculptures. The paintings and sculptures are made by the new owner of the new house, a trailer with a porch added on and a / back room added on out in the country by a river. / The river rocks are round and smooth and large. No lizards in sight. It’s too cold outside. / The water is as cold as ice….” From “It’s a Chemical Life, Part 2” – “I smell like chlorine / I can’t wash it out of my pores / The head lifeguard says the water’s crisp, clear / He straightens the pool deck nearly every day / He says he swims when it’s not busy / My eyes burn from chlorine even with goggles…” From “Playing Electric Guitar” – “I went to see a stranger a man I’d never met he couldn’t leave his apartment / wears orthotic shoes can’t get out much he wanted to do business with me (my / day job business) I drove twenty miles to help him out when I stepped into his / warm small apartment with a living room walk-in kitchen bedroom bathroom my / eyes didn’t seize on decorations or the lack thereof or on family pictures of kids / grandkids or medications spread out on the dining room table and durable / medical equipment to keep him alive my eyes seized upon guitars a blue electric / guitar and a burgundy electric guitar on stands in the living room I told him I take / lessons in a guitar group….”

lb woman

Poems and Short stories by poet, author, critic, editor and publisher, LB Sedlacek.



“Hey Astro!” contains all brand new poems about my family’s annual trip from North Carolina to Florida. We do have some adventures! On this past trip we revisited Legoland, Cocoa Beach, Savannah and traipsed through the wilds of South Carolina on the way including a non-stop at South of the Border. Have you ever been to South of the Border? Then, there’s a poem in this book just for you!

Excerpt from “Hey Astro!” – from the poem “Surf Zombies”: “…surfing zombies / with brains intact / with speech intact / but they can’t use either one / no / bro / it’s / against the zombie surfer code…..”

Excerpt from “Hey Astro!” – from the poem “Lake Eloise”: “…butterflies and fishermen / standing in idling boats / talking about the odds / the lack of results / no catch no fish / a lake as vast ….”

Some of the poems in “Hey Astro!”: “It’s Bo Time,” “Welcome to Florida,” “Night Swim,” “The Dinosaur Store, Part 2,” “Putt Putt and Gators,” “Where Orange Juice Comes From,” “Florida Toll Roads,” “Georgia Pecans,” “River Street – Savannah,” “I’ve Never Been to South of the Border” and more!



In her latest collection of poems, LB Sedlacek takes us to Mars and back via Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. “Will we be able to go to Mars/And back/Return/From Mars…” “The Pirate House/In Savannah/Was where pirates/Met and/Conspired to steal/Everything when…” “Legoland/Lego/Land/(say it with an Irish accent)/Lego land…”


spypic   Ever wondered what it would be like to be a spy? It’s easier than you may think. Find tips and tools in these poems on becoming the best spy ever! Remember always keep your options open!  E-book


(The Washington, DC poems)  washdcpic

These poems were written April 2012 and they are one poet’s return to Washington, D.C. They were written on this particular trip back to visit Washington, D.C. where I lived for many years.



The Cat and the Carroll A. Deering and Other North Carolina Poems” is a book of selected poetry about North Carolina featuring the title poem and the “The Footprints of Nathaniel Batts.”

Other selections include: “Two Arrows And A White Doe,” “The Ballad Of Frankie Silver,” “Laura Foster,” “Blackbeard’s Swamp,” “Walking Into The Sun,” “Third Shift In A Furniture Factory,” “Sleeping In A Hammock,” “Mist Of The Blue Ridge,” “The Legend Of Nags Head,” “Cloud Painting,” and “Mountain Roots.”

From “The Footprints of Nathaniel Batts”:  “The ghost of Nathaniel Batts wanders Albemarle Sound — / appears only on stormy nights / shuffling through the surf, as the seagulls / help him search for his lost love / who’s canoe sank in a storm on the way / to his island – with fields, orchards, / and trees and a lone house / where he lived and died as the first settler who came and stayed in North Carolina….”

From “Blackbeard’s Swamp”:  “Legend tells that Blackbeard / landed here / near New Bern / and that / his ghost still / walks the swamps / of eastern North Carolina / leaving bloody footprints”

From “Walking Into the Sun”:  “Walking; late sunset; North Carolina. / The red bricks mute the sun’s glare. / The asphalt exhales at every street corner. / Cats and dogs play in the streets before / running to their homes in this / Southern town where the Blue Ridge Mountains / rise all around.”


Tuesday is Wednesday, Vol. 1

From my former poetry blog “Tuesday is Wednesday” comes the first volume in a compilation of a variety of works including social commentary and environmental poems. Plus there’s Route 66 haiku — here it is!


Red Headed Eskimos

My sixth collection of poetry, “Red Headed Eskimos” explores a variety of subjects often dark and surreal. A vast array of poems covering religious themes, science fiction, social commentary to light adventurous works. Also, works tend to delve beneath the surface, exploring what you know is there but may not want to admit. 28 poems. 53 pages.

From “Prozac Pizza”:  “The deer come right on up to the / front door and spit and chew and drop / their cigarette butts on the ground / just to the right of the sycamore trees.”//

From “Burning Ice”:   “The meeting of velocity and humidity — / won’t be fodder for erasers or / chalkboards or for teachers with / apples. When the ruler touches / the skin, it is simmering.”//

From “The Cement Oasis”:  “Out on the patio in the sun’s glare / A procession of painted bodies / With skins of different hues / Sandwiched together. In hot oils / And tropical scents they lounge. / The sunglass stare / Is practiced with pride — / Near pools without water.”

From “Gravity Fueled Gasoline”:  “Friday at noon the parking lot, / fast deserted especially near the back, / cars pour out into ant lines of traffic, / green, yellow, red the colors of freedom.”

From “Ice Chips”:  “All squirrels should / have minty fresh / breathe or at least take / a trip down the / river at Devil’s Elbow / somewhere in the / middle of Missouri on a / hot July day….”
Chapbook or Ebook