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LB Sedlacek has had poetry, fiction and non-fiction appear in many different journals, zines and newspapers.  Her poems have appeared in publications such as “Pure Francis,” “The Broad River Review,” “Third Wednesday,” and “Mastodon Dentist.” Her short fiction has been published in such places as “October Hill” and “The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.” She is a former Poetry Editor for “ESC! Magazine” and also co-hosted the podcast for the small press, “Coffee House to Go” with Michael Poetter.  She teaches poetry workshops at local elementary and middle schools.  She founded and publishes the free resource for poets, “The Poetry Market Ezine.”  Recent poetry books include “Words and Bones” (Finishing Line Press), “The Architect of French Fries” (Presa Press), and “The Adventures of Stick People on Cars” (Alien Buddha Press).  Her first full-length poetry collection, “The Poet Next Door” as well as her first short story collection “The Four Thieves of Vinegar” are both forthcoming in February 2020.  Her locally set mystery novel, “The Glass River” was nominated for the Thomas Wolfe Memorial Literary Aware in 2018.  Her locally set poetry book, “Poetry in LA (Lenoir Area) has been added to the 3rd Grade curriculum at Davenport A+ Elementary school.  In her free time, LB enjoys swimming, reading, and learning to play guitar and ukulele. 

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  • Alexandra’s Wreck – Kitty Litter Press
  • Constellate – GoatsOnMars Press
  • Happy Little Clouds – Guerilla Genesis Press
  • Star Maps – Lucidity Poetry Journal
  • The Adventures of Stick People on Cars – Alien Buddha Press
  • The Architect of French Fries – Presa Press
  • The Poet Next Door – Cyberwit
  • Words and Bones – Finishing Line Press

POEM PUBLICATIONS INCLUDE: 3LIGHTS, 42Opus, Adagio Verse Quarterly, Adelaide Literary Magazine, Alien Buddha Zine, Al-Khemia Poetica, Andwerve, Anthology, AntiMuse, Aoife’s Kiss, Apparent Magnitude, ART:MAG, Arcturus, As It Ought To Be, Ascent Aspirations, Assisi Journal, Audience Magazine, Backstreet Poetry Review, Bang It Outwrite!, Bear Creek Haiku, Bent Pin Quarterly, Between Kisses, Big Pulp, Bindweed Magazine, Blue Heron Review, Book Lover’s Haven, Branches, Caduta Arts Review, Circle Magazine, Cloudbank, Connotation Press, Cowboy Poetry Press, Crab Fat, Dash Literary Journal, Digging Through the Fat, Dispatch, Ditch Poetry, Down in the Cellar, Down in the Dirt, Edgar Literary Magazine, ESC! Magazine, Exit 13, Fables, Facets Magazine, Fickle Muses, Five2One Magazine, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Footprints, Free Verse, FutureCycle, Ghoti, Ginosko, Gloom Cupboard, Grit, H.O.D. (Handful of Dust), Hadrasour Tales, Harbinger Asylum, HazMat Review, Heritage Writer, Hudson View, I-70 Review, Illumen, Inkburns, InSpirit, Iodine, Kota Press, Lite, Literary Spot, Lone Star Magazine, Main Street Rag, MamaZine, Mastodon Dentist, My Morning Story, New Works Review, Niederngasse, Open Cut, Open Mouse, Opinion Guy Speculative Fiction, Ozone Park Journal, Passport Journal, Perigee, PKA’s Advocate, Poesis, Poet’s Canvas, Poetic Diversity, Poetry Life and Times, Poetry Monthly, Poetry Pacific, Poetry Quarterly, Poetry RePairs, Random Sample Review, Raskolnikov’s Cellar, Red Owl Magazine, Red River Review, Re)Verb, River Lit, Sand, Scars, Scribe and Quill, Sea Stories, Shaking, Sick Lit Magazine, sidereality, Sketchbook, Skive Magazine, smories.com, Song of the Siren, South Florida Poetry Journal, Sparks of Calliope, Spiky Palm, Starry Night Review Literary E-zine, Strange Road, Stray Dog, Superior Christian News, T-Zero The Writer’s Ezine, Tales of the Talisman, Taj Mahal Review, Texas Poetry Journal, The Aroostook Review, The Artemis Journal, The Blind Man’s Rainbow, The Big Window, The Blue Nib, The Broad River Review, The Broken Plate, The Brown Critique, The Copperfield Review, The Courtship of Winds, The Faircloth Review, The Fossil Record, The Horsethief’s Journal, The Hurricane Review, The King’s English, The Klecksograph, The Oak, The Paumanok Review, The Poetry Bomb, The Provo Canyon Review, The Sandy River Review, The Saturday Diner, The Sidewalk’s End, The Speculative Edge, The Time Garden, The Sigurd Journal, Transparent Words, Ultraverse, Unlikely Stories, Ygdrasil, Whirlwind Review, Whitewash Dreams, Wild Goose Poetry Review, Wisteria (A Journal of Haiku, Senryu and Tanka), Woven Tale Press, Writing the Whirlwind, Word Riot, Would That It Were, X Magazine, and Xtreme.


  • “Alexandra’s Wreck” – Kitty Litter Press – poetry,
  • “The Cat and the Carroll A. Deering and Other North Carolina Poems” Pop Poets Press – poetry,
  • Anthology: “The Best of The Foliate Oak Online – 2003” (poem “Porcupine Rain”),
  • Anthology: “The Best of The Foliate Oak Online – 2004” (poem “When Ed MacMahon Hands Out Checks”),
  • “Hemlock Suicides Planned by Well-Dressed Men in Suits” Assume Nothing Press – poetry,
  • “Twisting” Four2Three Press – poetry,
  • “The Glass River” Four2Three Press – fiction,
  • “Sugar Cubes & Other Stories” Four2Three Press – fiction,
  • Anthology: “Broken Circles: A Gathering of Poems for Hunger” (poem “Evolution of a Bread Store”),
  • Anthology: “Testing the Waters” – Old Books on Front St. (poem “Abandoned Ground”),
  • Anthology: “Ginosko Short Fiction and Poetry Anthology” (poem “Afternoon Meeting”),
  • “Mars or Bust” GoatsOnMars Press – poetry,
  • “Hey Astro!” GoatsOnMars Press – poetry,
  • “Infra Dig (It’s a Chemical Life)” (GoatsOnMars Press) – poetry
  • “Only in LA (LA Poems)” GoatsOnMars Press – poetry,
  • “Words and Bones” Finishing Line Press – poetry,
  • “The Mailbox of the Kindred Spirit” GoatsOnMars Press – fiction,
  • “The Architect of French Fries” Presa Press – poetry,
  • “The Adventures of Stick People on Cars” Alien Buddha Press – poetry,
  • “The Poet Next Door” Cyberwit – poetry,
  • “Four Thieves of Vinegar & Other Short Stories” Alien Buddha Press – short stories,
  • “Happy Little Clouds” Guerrilla Genesis Press – poetry.


  • 2018 Thomas Wolfe Memorial Literary Award nominee for “The Glass River” – mystery
  • 2010 Caldwell Literary Awards – First Place for “Keep What You Catch” – poetry, December 2010.
  • 2008 Caldwell Literary Awards – First Place for “Walking by Sound” – poetry, October 2008.
  • 2008 Caldwell Literary Awards – First Place for “Corporeal” – short story, October 2008.
  • 2007 Caldwell Literary Awards – Third Place for “Balance” – poetry, October 2007.
  • “Lucidity” Honorable Mention Juried Selection for “A-Frames” Vol. 21, – poetry, summer 2006.
  • “Poetry Patchwork” 2005 Poetry Contest Winner for “Attracting Lightning” – poetry, 2005.
  • Gin Bender Review Poetry Contest – Third Place for “To Napoleon Sarony Regarding Oscar Wilde, Portrait No. 18” – poetry, 2004.
  • Muses Review 1st Muses Prize – Best Poem Chap of Year 2004 for “Hemlock Suicides Planned by Well-Dressed Men in Suits”- poetry, 2004.
  • Pushcart Prize nomination for “Painting Apples” – fiction – 2003.
  • Finalist for “Cellar”: North Carolina State University Poetry Contest – 2003.
  • Third Place for “Unresponsive Sky”: Balticon36 Sci-Fi Poetry Contest with “Lite: Baltimore’s Literary Newspaper” – 2002.
  • Pushcart Prize nomination for “Monkey Bars” – poetry – 2002.
  • Poetry Super Highway Poet of the Week – June 2002.
  • Anne B. Cooke Memorial Award for “The Firefly Dance”: Bell’s Letters – 2000.



  • Host of the podcast for the small press community, “Coffee House to Go” (2008-2011, before that co-host with Mike Potter).
  • Poetry Editor and New Media of “ESC! Magazine.”
  • My poetry book “Poetry in LA – Only in LA” was added to the 3rd Grade curriculum of Davenport A+ Elementary School in April 2019.


  • Caldwell Arts Council (March 2018),
  • Caldwell Heritage Museum (April 2018),
  • Arts Extravaganza at Davenport A+ (May 2018),
  • other local elementary and middle schools,
  • Tybrisia Books – “The Glass River” March 2019
  • Waterbean Poetry Night at the Mic – January 2020
  • Tybrisia Books – “The Mailbox of the Kindred Spirit” – February 2020
  • Tybrisia Books – “The Poet Next Door” – June 2020

REVIEWS / INTERVIEWS: AbsoluteArts.com, Absolute Write, Adagio Verse Quarterly, All Info About Poetry, Favours2U, Map of Austin Poetry, Outsider Writers, Sharing with Writers, Strangeroad.com, The New Book Review, The South Florida Poetry Journal, The Wombwell  Rainbow, Alien Buddha Press

SHORT STORY BOOKS: “Four Thieves of Vinegar & Other Short Stories” – Alien Buddha Press

SHORT FICTION PUBLICATIONS INCLUDE: 6 Tales, 4indianwoman.com, Alien Buddha Press, Ascent Magazine, Bovine Free Wyoming, Cenotaph, Duct Tape Press, ESC! Magazine, Fluffy Fables, Inverse Journal, Legions of Light, Monarch Mysteries, Muscadine Lines, My Morning Story, Nuvein Magazine, October Hill, Rapid River Review, Skive Magazine, Silver Moon, SouthLit.com, Southern Hum, StoriesThatLift.com, Sunsets and Silencers, Tea Weekly, The Drabblecast, The Literary House Review, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, The Outer Rim, The Real Eight, The Unlikely Unknown, Widow Moon Press, and Write Success.



“Kudos to Sedlacek! On the surface, this book is indeed a travel book. But underneath? Ahh, my dears, that is for you to discover!”

Stefanie H. on “Traveling with Fish” by LB Sedlacek