THE MAILBOX OF THE KINDRED SPIRIT  The Mailbox of the Kindred Spirit by LB Sedlacek

When I was looking for something educational to do involving reading while at Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina, I discovered this mailbox, The Mailbox of the Kindred Spirit, which is on the southern end of Sunset Beach. The mailbox is real. The mailbox is the inspiration for my story about Ernie and Melody who meet at a young age at a Golf Club in the mountains of North Carolina where he works and where her mother works. They grow up and grow apart and she moves to Ocean Isle Beach. Eventually he comes to a place where he tries to connect with her again.

After inheriting a cabin, a travel writer and her family move from the North Carolina mountains to the coast with their dog and fish. “Traveling with Fish” is my travel postcard in literary form all about the NC coast near Hatteras. It’s a story that evolves from a travel writer inheriting a fishing cabin from an acquaintance she barely knew and how she and her sons, husband, their dog and their fish all move together and adapt to life on the coast.




THE EP HUNTING CLUB: BOOK ONE “THE POEM CODE”The EP Hunting Club:  Book One The Poem Code

E.P. Huntington is just a maintenance guy for the GBT (Great Big Thing) and the other telescopes and labs at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. An artist, a poet, and a novice astronomer, Janise Birch was all that until she disappeared. She left something behind. Does her last poem, her most ingenious work contain an important message for us all? Her cousin, Darius, his best friend, E.P., and her Astronomy Professor are about to find out.  Reading from this book on location in Pocahontas County, WV where it’s set!


E.P. Huntington is back again this time solving the mystery of what happened to Janise’s Dad in Spruce, WV. Join the Professor, Kelsi and Darius as they stumble across some of Pocahontas county’s well-known spots such as Droop mountain, Spruce, Cass, and Beartown in West Virginia to solve the enigma of the Redshift.


Join EP Huntington and his friends as they discover that’s something amiss on a school field trip to Washington DC to visit the Capitol building.

The EP Hunting Club: Prequel “The Test Message” – E-book



*Nominated for the 2018 Thomas Wolfe Memorial Literary Award  the glass river 2018

REVIEW OF “THE GLASS RIVER” BY PHILLIP B. It’s so well-written.  I really enjoyed figuring out all the local places you had written about.  I read it in one weekend.  Well done!” (July 2018)

REVIEW OF “THE GLASS RIVER” BY HOLLY C. Please write another mystery novel!! You are a great author.” (May 2018)

REVIEW OF “THE GLASS RIVER” BY GEORGE BROSI:  “This is a murder mystery set in contemporary Happy Valley, North Carolina, in Wilkes County, the site where Tom Dooley grew up and was buried after he was hanged in Statesville in 1868 for the murder of Laura Foster. L. B. Sedlacek is a prolific writer of poetry and fiction. She is co-host of “Coffee House-to-Go” a podcast and the publisher of “The Poetry Market Ezine.”

Description:  A mystery set in North Carolina. Private Detective Chance Richardson stumbles upon the brutally murdered body of Al Bryant out near Happy Valley, North Carolina – the site of the infamous real-life Tom Dooley murder of Laura Foster – after intercepting a CB broadcast asking for help.

A local town drunk by the name of Henry Lee Coffey is found near the crime scene and arrested for Al’s murder. Henry’s wife, Ruby, was also killed in a similar manner several years ago which caused Henry to abandon his job, home and to drink.

Chance’s pal, newspaper reporter Kelly Grant, is asked by her former high school nemesis Mary Beth Coffey Dula to check into the crime for Henry’s sake.

Chance and Kelly start nosing around the former Henry Coffey house, Al Bryant’s place, into Ruby Coffey’s murder and in and around the Happy Valley area, and dig a little into the Tom Dooley legend.

Published by Four2Three Press

Juliet's Whiskey Rules & Other Unusual Short StoriesJULIET’S WHISKEY RULES AND OTHER UNUSUAL SHORT STORIES

Short stories including the title story and several other unusual tales.   Previously published selections plus new stories too!   Fiction.   96 pages.   Paperback book or Ebook version available.



The Red Brick Dust Sky redbrick cover

Here’s a review that explains this book very well, thank you very much!  From “Red Brick Pizza”

“Casey Tyler must go to Hollywood to help her movie star identical twin sister, Cassandra, when she sees a TV report of Cassandra being committed. The twins became orphans after one of them shot their parents when they were 12 in South Carolina. Casey hitches her way on Route 66 starting in St. Louis. Her gay best friend, Toby, a Gateway Arch tram guide, steals his boyfriend’s ’65 Mustang and cash joining her in Oklahoma. Toby and Casey travel on the Old Mother Road in Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico as Toby’s boyfriend, Chuck-Bill, chases them to get back his car and cash. Meanwhile Cassandra’s husband, Jesse, is up to all sorts of no good. Of course there’s a murder, disposal of a body and lots of soap opera like drama like you’d never imagine on the Will Rogers Highway. Hit fave Route 66 spots like Needles, CA and Oatman, AZ with these wacky characters. By award winning poet and writer, LB Sedlacek, a Route 66 fan who has traveled the Old Mother Road from Chicago to LA!”

Review of “The Red Brick Dust Sky”

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