Glass River


Detective Chance Richardson and Kelly Grant return for another mystery this time up high on Hibriten Mountain.

A review of “A Sunless Sea”: “LOVED this sequel! Waited months for this 2nd book in the Chance Richardson and Kelly Grant mystery series to be released and I wasn’t disappointed! Suspense at its best. Hope to read more of Chance and Kelly in the future! Great series that I don’t want to end!” ~Cathy S.

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Pictures from a reading from “The Glass River” held 3/23/19:



*Nominated for the 2018 Thomas Wolfe Memorial Literary Award  the glass river book cover

5 STAR REVIEW OF THE GLASS RIVER – HAPPY VALLEY EDITION BY JENN on AMAZON “I am from “Hodges Corner” and have spent much time in Blowing Rock so I enjoyed reading about familiar places. The book itself was well written and was a great read.” (June 2020)

REVIEW OF THE GLASS RIVER BY GARY B. “Super reading I was torn between trying to figure out where the towns, businesses, areas in questions because the names were changed to protect the innocent ( not really) and who may have committed such an act. You will be surprised as to the identity of the guilty. Fun book.” (March 2019)

REVIEW OF “THE GLASS RIVER” BY PHILLIP B. It’s so well-written.  I really enjoyed figuring out all the local places you had written about.  I read it in one weekend.  Well done! (July 2018)

REVIEW OF “THE GLASS RIVER” BY HOLLY C. Please write another mystery novel!! You are a great author.(May 2018)

REVIEW OF “THE GLASS RIVER” BY GEORGE BROSI:  “This is a murder mystery set in contemporary Happy Valley, North Carolina, in Wilkes County, the site where Tom Dooley grew up and was buried after he was hanged in Statesville in 1868 for the murder of Laura Foster. L. B. Sedlacek is a prolific writer of poetry and fiction. She is co-host of “Coffee House-to-Go” a podcast and the publisher of “The Poetry Market Ezine.”

Description:  A mystery set in North Carolina. Private Detective Chance Richardson stumbles upon the brutally murdered body of Al Bryant out near Happy Valley, North Carolina – the site of the infamous real-life Tom Dooley murder of Laura Foster – after intercepting a CB broadcast asking for help.

A local town drunk by the name of Henry Lee Coffey is found near the crime scene and arrested for Al’s murder. Henry’s wife, Ruby, was also killed in a similar manner several years ago which caused Henry to abandon his job, home and to drink.

Chance’s pal, newspaper reporter Kelly Grant, is asked by her former high school nemesis Mary Beth Coffey Dula to check into the crime for Henry’s sake.

Chance and Kelly start nosing around the former Henry Coffey house, Al Bryant’s place, into Ruby Coffey’s murder and in and around the Happy Valley area, and dig a little into the Tom Dooley legend.

Published by Four2Three Press