Bridge Ices Before Road

Musings and more written over the course of a year, month by month. What is it like to go through life as a poet, or to view every day things in a poetical way?  bridge_1_original

Excerpts from the book:

“There’s more than one kind of ukulele. Tuning one of them is just like tuning some of the strings on a guitar. All of them: soprano, baritone, pineapple sound different. “

“Ice doesn’t melt in the shade even when it gets warmer. “

“Everyone is a winner! I got a winning flyer for a new car or $25K and another one in a different box where I get mail! Yay! I’m a winner! My Mom went to the dealership and they gave her 2 scratch off tickets. I told her later the fine print says void if there’s a misprint or error on the scratch off mailer – i.e. everyone gets the winning number.
I am not a winner!”

“There’s a mailbox at the end of Sunset Beach a few miles past the pier. It’s stuck up in a corner. People leave notes for their loved ones. It’s a beautiful view of the ocean, the sound, and the mail always needs to be collected even though no one is collecting it.”

“It’s Halloween! The last day of October! Time for trick or treating and such fun. We do trick or treat. I don’t particularly like candy unless it has peanuts or peanut nougat in it. I’d rather have something salty! We have had a pumpkin sitting on the kitchen table that had to be thrown out – it was a small one. The big one outside we just never did decorate or carve! I have one of those pumpkin carving kits, but I haven’t used it in a while. Instead we have a blow up inflatable purple dragon that breathes fire! Much better than any old pumpkin! Happy Trick or Treating day – happy adventures with dragons! May all your dragons be princesses ready to be saved (or princes)! Thank you to my favorite poet, Rainer Maria Rilke, for letting me borrow his line, well sort of!” 

Bridge Ices Before Road by LB Sedlacek