Let’s Stop Saying, “I Don’t Like Poetry” by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

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Let’s Stop Saying, “I Don’t Like Poetry”

by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
book and marketing consultant, writer and sometime poet

When I was taking my first poetry class as an adult, I was surprised when UCLA poetry icon Suzanne Lummis sashayed into a our classroom and said, “Good evening, Poets!” It seemed overblown. Arrogant… even foreign. “Poet” as a title seemed a little highfalutin for us humble students. And I am a person who believes attitude is everything. When it comes to poetry, too many of us harbor attitudes much like mine. Therefore, they say “I don’t like poetry,” because it’s easier than even supposing that one might get off one’s duff and learn to like it! Or giving it enough consideration to realize the statement is a little like saying “I hate Picasso” when they don’t know enough about his work to know the man painted in several styles. So, do…

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